Wedding Party supports "Garden Cafe" in Okahandja

Yesterday, 9th of October 2010, we were invited to a lovely wedding party, my boss did it again. It was a very long and interesting party and I got the chance, to promote the brand new youth project in Okahandja (Namibia), „Garden Cafe“.

I had the chance to introduce this brand new, interesting but as well challenging project by a few minutes speech. My boss and his wife assigned this task to me, combined with the requirement, to prepare the donation box as well.

Marianne and myself spent a few hours at the same day of the party event, to prepare this box as an eyecatcher. Of course, most of you will identify, that these Massai will not have a strong relationship to Namibia, but from a symbolic point of view, they should take care for the donation.

Right now, we don’t have any feedback about the amount of this first charity event, but whatever it will be, it is a very good starter for us and we will work on other events. Again, I must say thank you very much to my boss and his wife, that we were a part of this event and that they decided to dedicate the donation to our promoted project.

Update: We were able to collect 2.000,00 € (two thousand), which complies to roughly 19.000,00 N$ (nineteen thousand), which makes us very proud and we have to say again thanks to my boss as well as to all guests who made this big amount feasible.